Mechanical Engineering Analysis and Test

Focus on Fatigue

MoreVision has developed a number of programs to post-process finite element results, calculate fatigue damage and to plot damage directly onto the FE mesh. The assessments cover code of practices used in many countries (UK - BS7608, France -UIC 515-4 Goodman Diagram, German DIN 15 018, Swedish Volvo standards)
Experimental Methods

MoreVision strain gauge testing compliments its analysis services.
Software Success

MoreVision has sold its innovative engineering calculation software Research Engineers Inc. for worldwide distribution. The product has already earned MoreVision a DTI SMART award for innovation.
Composite Analysis

MoreVision has extensive experience in the modelling composite materials.
Dynamic Analysis
Avoid resonance by performing a dynamic analysis.
Plastic Analysis
What happens when stress rises above yield? - it may not be as severe a situation as you think.

 What we do.

MoreVision offers the following services to mechanical engineers.
 • Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS).
 • Strain Gauge Testing.
 • Mechanical Engineering Consultancy.
 • Software Development.

 Who we are.

MoreVision was founded by John Doyle BSc(eng)., Ceng., MIMechE., ACGI, a graduate of Imperial college, London with some 20 years of experience in solving finite element and computer development problems. He attained chartered status with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers at the earliest age possible and was appointed Chief Mechanical Engineer at Bombardier Prorail shortly after. By the time he was 30, excited by the opportunities offered by the PC revolution, he started MoreVision offering engineering services to industry and using the proceeds to develop 'Layout' a mathematical software package for engineers. The software won a UK Government DTI SMART award for innovation. Having sold the software to Research Engineers Inc. five years ago and now aged 40 he is concentrating on his engineering consultancy business.
   MoreVision has close relationships with sub-contractors who can be brought in to meet the requirements of a particular project. Our largest project required 5 sub-contractors for a period of two years. In this way MoreVision can offer hand picked expert teams to solve a client's particular problems whilst remaining a small and flexible company with low overheads.

How we work.

MoreVision provides an expertise which can be used as a stand alone resource or we can work together with client's multi-disciplinary teams. MoreVision offers its clients almost 24 hour availability which is especially attractive for international clients working in different time zones. In the past MoreVision has worked effectively with clients based in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. MoreVision offers fixed prices or can work on a daily rate. Generally we work from our office in Leeds but, being situated close to an international airport, it is relatively easy to reach clients where ever they may be located. At crucial stages of a project MoreVision will work at the client's site, for extended periods if necessary.  Our clients vary from large companies like Bombardier Transportation, Volvo and Disney to relatively small companies.

Top Software Tools

MoreVision have some 20 years experience of problem solving with ANSYS®. They have developed a library of macros and software tools customizing ANSYS for specific problems.
Bolted Joint Analysis
MoreVision uses 'Boltcalc' software in conjunction with FEA for fast & accurate assessments.
Partnering Client Design Teams
Will it fall off? Is it strong enough? How long will it last? These are the questions on the minds of many designers. MoreVision can team up to perform simple strength assessments to allow designers to move forward with the confidence that their designs will ultimately satisfy structural criteria.
Independent Design Audits
A fresh pair of eyes can offer an new  insight into design critical problems.
Fixed Price Contracts
Whenever possible MoreVision offers fixed price contracts from the outset of a project.
Failure Investigations
Simply strengthening an area may not give you the results you want and could make the problem worse. Before a solution can even be considered it is imperative that the mechanics of the failure are completely understood. 
Can we live with cracks?
Let MoreVision help you decide using their custom PD6493 software.
Too Hot to Handle?
MoreVision helps clients solve temperature problems.
Stress Overload?
Use MoreVision to offload work when you're too busy to cope.